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Calgary, Alberta

Meet My Body Couture!

August 23, 2016 0

YYCfit exhibitor My Body Couture works with their clientele to develop customized programs with their body, life and goals in mind, and by factoring in considerations such as injuries, preferences, skill level, fitness level, age, athletic background, career choice, habits and hobbies.

You might visit My Body Couture if:

  • You have an injury keeping you sidelined from your favourite sport
  • Are afraid of the consequences of having a desk job (after all, “they” say that sitting is the new smoking…)
  • Are you an amateur athlete who needs to strengthen a specific muscle group
  • You have nagging back pain that is starting to interfere with your life and life goals
  • You are getting married soon and want to be a stunner in that gorgeous dress
  • You want to improve your golf game
  • Have had a baby at least one year ago, and want your body back
  • Are looking to be bikini-ready
  • You want to reduce cellulite
  • You are tired of putting a lot of effort into working out and not having results that match

To find out more about My Body Couture and their customized approach, click here. And make sure to catch up with them at YYCfit, where you’ll also get to see their Yamuna Body Rolling technique in action!

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