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Disc Sports – Coming to YYCfit

October 21, 2016 2

Disc sports are on the grow, and we are excited to have them represented at YYCfit!

Anyone who has ever played Ultimate Frisbee will tell you it is a blast – an intense game, but also newcomer friendly. Ultimate Frisbee engages throwing and catching skills, speed, stamina and agility. Ultimate Frisbee was born on a New Jersey high school campus in 1968 and has continued to evolve since:

• Spreading to Europe and Asia in the mid-70’s
• Incorporation of the governing body, the World Flying Disc Federation in 1984
• The first world championships were held in Germany in 1989
· Today, disc sports are played by 7.5 million people globally in more than 70 countries

And then there is Disc Golf! This fun sport is similar to traditional golf, except players progress down the fairway to land a flying disc in a Disc Golf basket rather than using a ball and clubs. Like Ultimate Frisbee, modern day Disc Golf has been around since the 1960’s. At the time, Disc Golf targets would range from trees to trash cans to fire hydrants. The game was formalized in 1975 with the development of the first Disc Pole Hole, a disc golf catching device consisting of 10 chains hanging in a parabolic shape over an upward opening basket, and the first standardized Disc Golf course was subsequently opened in California.

Calgary is home to some fantastic Disc Golf courses:
• Baker Park (18 holes)
• Lloyd Park (18 holes)
• Midnapore (private community course)
• Old Refinery (18 holes) – currently closed, but reopening in 2018
• Park 96 (private community course)
• Sundance Lake (private community course)
• Thornecliff (9 holes)

Now is a perfect time to pick up a disc, get out for a workout and enjoy the beauty that is fall in Calgary!

YYCfit is pleased to be featuring the following exhibitors who will be educating attendees on these fast-growing sports:

Calgary Ultimate Association – founded in 2004, and a member of Sport Calgary, Calgary Ultimate Association coordinates year-round leagues, tournaments, a growing juniors program and engages in outreach efforts to promote the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in Calgary

Calgary Disc Golf Club – founded in 2010 to help grow Disc Golf in Calgary, this organization has been instrumental in bringing new Disc Golf courses to the City of Calgary

Lifesport – Located in Sunnyside, this sporting goods store has been in Calgary since 1987, and will be selling Ultimate Frisbee and Disc Golf products onsite at the show

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