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Hip-Hop Dancing…Coming to YYCfit!

September 24, 2016 0

With school back in session and extra-curricular activities ramping up, we’re pleased to introduce YYCfit exhibitor SoundKreations. These in-school dance specialists will be putting on a show on the demo stage that will get attendees moving and eager for more.

SoundKreations has a strong presence with in-school programming designed to:

· Introduce a method of maintaining physical health and developing Physical Literacy in a fun and accessible way

· Provide a new framework within which the creative process is socially encouraged

· Explore an art‐form with ancient roots through a modern‐day lens giving renewed appreciation for the creative process

· Deliver the program in such a way that the students relate immediately to the instructor and material, bringing the participation and involvement of the students to an exceptionally high level

· Create a safe environment for the students to explore, create, and perform within

· Offer endless opportunities for success

SoundKreations delivers the full spectrum of dance, including Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Zumba, Latin, African, Step, Around the World and Beat Street Dance. Be sure to check out their demo at the show, and connect with them on how to get your kids engaged in their programming.

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